Crown Ballroom Logo 2021n - Gold Font
The Crown Ballroom is the dance world’s best kept secret; hidden away on a farm just outside of Blackpool.
An unusual setting for a ballroom some may say, but the most perfect for sheer size & the facilities it can hold. Add into the mix teaching staff that adore their jobs, love to impart knowledge, strive to see dancers grow and succeed & you’ve got yourself a pretty wonderful dance school.
The Crown Ballroom prides itself on delivering the very best teaching, with a modern edge but true classical techniques at it’s heart. We produce top quality dancers, but most importantly welcome everyone to be part of the family whatever age or abilities.
We want our dancers to fall in love with Dancing as much as we have, to bring an added sense of joy to their lives through the time spent on the floor.
The Crown Ballroom: A dance school, a happy place, a family and a place to call home for all. A safe place to be yourself, laugh, cry, learn and belong…